Safety measures for delivery partners - redefined

The recent wave of Covid-19 has shook the entire world at once. We are constantly making little changes to our everyday life in order to survive the wave with ease.
The definition of an ideal workspace has a new meaning. Gone are the days when commute was a huge part of an Indian's everyday life. Work From Home is the new normal and everyone is trying their best to get used to it.

Yet there are people who are doing their best to make sure you are able to do your best from the comfort of your home. A large group of our frontline service workers include delivery executives. They work hard day in and out, not caring a bit about the weather or the grave situation that the pandemic has got us into.
You could make a checklist of ten essential items and would be astonished to know that the entire list of products can be delivered to your doorstep without you moving an inch.

Vpledge has always been mindful of their safety and hygiene protocols. With the pandemic in the picture, we are going to be doubly strict when it comes to redefining the safety measures for our delivery partners.

If you are apprehensive about online pick up and delivery of products, here's a checklist we follow to ensure 100% safety of our delivery partners and customers:

  1. Maintaining social distance
    All our executives have been trained to maintain a distance of 4 feet or more from other individuals during their entire commute. Moreover, the distance is also maintained while picking up and delivering the product.

  2. Masking it all the time
    Our delivery partners do not compromise on a mask or fiddle with it at all. They wear a mask at all times. In addition to masks, they are all given gloves from time to time to assure safe handling of products.

  3. Daily temperature check
    One of our most important protocols comprises regular temperature check so as to make sure that none of our delivery partners are in the danger of passing on the infection or working when they should rather rest.

  4. We use the Arogya-Setu app
    The app will notify our delivery partners if they have been near an infected person. In that case they will voluntarily go off duty and quarantine themselves. We care for their health as well as yours alike.

  5. Contactless delivery
    For utmost safety, our delivery partners will leave the product at your doorstep after informing you about the same so as to minimize every chance of contact.

We encourage our delivery partners to eat healthy and take every possible care of their health and well-being. It's a huge part of our work culture to support and encourage each other to execute the absolute best service one could think of.

As for the safety gear, we have it in us to avail every possible resource to upgrade the safety protocols from time to time as circumstances demand.

We look forward to serving you soon. Do explore our social media handles to know more about our services.



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