Terms & conditions

1. Terms of Use:

Welcome to our website www.vpledge.in and Thank You for downloading our Mobile Application “Vpledge”. The Website and the Mobile Application is owned and operated by VP Delivery Services Private Limited. In these terms of use unless the context otherwise requires the following “Terms” shall have the following meanings:

a. “Vpledge” means “VP Delivery Services Private Limited” and its affiliate “Vpledge”, “We”, “US”, “Our”.

b. “Website and Mobile Application” collectively referred to as the “Platforms”.

c. “User” (“You”, “Your”, “Yourself” OR “Users”) referred to any person accessing or using any of the Platforms or availing the Services offered by us.

d. “Orders” means the booking or request placed by the users through our platform.

e. “Delivery Partners” means a person who has registered and agreed with us to accept orders from You by using our platform.

f. “Product Delivery” is the service offered for picking and delivering any parcel or product as requested by the Users.

g. “Pick up Location” is the address from where the product needs to be picked up by the delivery partner.

h. “Drop Location” is the address where the product needs to be delivered.

i. “Delivery Partner Assigned” means the order accepted by the delivery partner to provide the service to the Users.

j. “Product” means the list of the product that is prohibited by us and for which we don’t ace pt any liability.

k. “Single” order means there is only one pickup location and one drop location.

l. “Return” order means the delivery partner will deliver the product at the drop location and get back the other mentioned product to the first (pickup) location.

m. “Multiple” orders are the orders which will have more than one picks up or drop location.

n. “Upload Photo” means that the user can upload the product image at the time of booking.

o. “Delivery Type” will be the Mode of Transport used by the delivery partner for delivering the product, its include (a) Delivery by Bike, (b) Delivery via Private transport (Cab / Ola / Uber, etc.), (c) Delivery via Public Transport (Local Train and Bus).

p. “Schedule Order’s” are the order’s booked for a future date or time.

2. Acceptance:

These terms and conditions set out the entire agreement and understanding between Vpledge and users on the use of the platform and the services. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using our platform. By clicking on the “I ACCEPT” button, You accept all these terms and conditions and agree to be legally bound by the same.

3. User Registration:

a. To access our platform and to get connected with our delivery partner, You need to register as a user on the platform and create Your account with us.

b. As a registration process, You will be required to enter Your personal information and a 10 digit valid mobile number on which a One Time Password (“OTP”) will be sent for verification.

c. You agree and accept that as on the date of Your registration on the Platform, the information provided by You is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. You acknowledge and accept that Vpledge has not independently verified the details provided by You. We shall in no way be responsible or liable for the accuracy or completeness of any details provided by You. If we found that the details given by You are untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, We reserve the right to suspend, terminate or delete Your account (defined below) and refuse all current or future use of the Platform (or any portion thereof) at any time.

d. You shall safeguard your login details of our platform and shall not disclose the One Time Password (OTP) to third parties; You are solely responsible for and in control of the information provided to us. We shall assume that any person using your mobile device, your login credential will either be you or someone authorized by you.

e. Once You register the phone number with us, You consent to be contacted by us via phone calls, SMS notifications, Messages also allowed us to send You the Promotional messages of any updates or offers. We shall have the right to show the details, feedback, ratings, reviews, etc. provided by You on the platform.

4. Services:

Vpledge offers you various services with the help of our technology platform/mobile- based software application.

a. Users can avail the product pickup and delivery service from a predetermined pickup location to a predetermined drop location at the given pickup date and time with the delivery type and other details for delivering the product.

b. Users can book a “Single” order which has only one pickup location and one drop location.

c. Users can book a “Return” order. It's a two-way service in which a product is picked up from the first location and delivered at the second location, again from the second location as mentioned by the user will be picked up and bought at the first location.

d. Users can book a “Multiple” Order through our platform where there will be more than one pick up location or drop location.

e. Once the order is placed for Product delivery on our platform, depending upon the availability of delivery partner around your area, who is willing to accept Your order, we will assign a delivery partner to you which might take 5 Minutes to 30 Minutes. The product delivery services are provided to You directly by the registered delivery partner and we merely act as a platform to fulfill your requirement. We do not take any responsibility or liability for any form of deficiency of services on part of the delivery partners.

f. The delivery partner then shall start the order will collect the product from the pickup location and deliver them to the drop location. The delivery partner has the right to check and confirm the product content or refuse to pick up the product if the product is in our restricted list. Vpledge may at its absolute sole discretion, add, modify, upgrade, extend, withdraw, or alienate any of the Services from time to time. We do not provide any guarantee to You that the Services will be made available to You at all times. We shall have the right to refuse to pick up or deliver products on any account at any time.

g. Users hereby agree and acknowledge that we provide you the Platform to connect with Delivery Partners to initiate Your orders on the Platform. You hereby agree and acknowledge that we will not be a party to any of the transactions that are initiated by You through the Platform and we shall not be liable in any manner or incur any liability for the services performed by the Delivery Partners, as the case may be. Further, You hereby agree and acknowledge that we shall not be liable for the conduct, acts, and omissions of the Delivery Partners in the course of providing their services to You, or for any loss or damage to the Item or otherwise caused to You as a consequence of or in relation to the services being provided to You by the Delivery Partner, as the case may be.

h. You hereby agree that scheduling and rescheduling an order on the Platform depends upon the availability of Delivery Partners around Your location.

i. If the order placed by you on the platform cannot be executed or completed, we shall notify you on the platform.

j. We shall provide updates on the status of delivery via SMS/Whatsapp/Email/Application Notification. Additionally, the Recipient/Sender may be able to track the delivery partner through the live- tracking facility available on the platform. Though live-tracking may be reliable, it is also prone to inaccuracies due to network issues. We do not give any assurance with respect to the accuracy of the live-tracking system available on the Application.

5. We do not check or verify the products that are being picked up and dropped off on behalf of You or the Items that are being delivered to You by the Delivery Partner, and therefore we shall have no liability with respect to the same. However, if it comes to the knowledge of us You have packaged any illegal or dangerous substance or availed the Pick- up and Drop Off Services using the Platform to deliver any illegal, dangerous substance or restricted items/products we shall have the right to report You to the government authorities and take other appropriate legal actions against You.

a. You agree that You shall not request a Pick-Up and Drop Off Services for Items which are illegal, hazardous, dangerous, or otherwise restricted or constitute Items that are prohibited by any statute or law or regulation or the provisions of this Terms of Use.

b. You hereby acknowledge that we shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from Your use of our Services, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

c. You hereby agree that we shall not be liable for any conduct or misbehavior or actions of Delivery Partner with respect to any transactions initiated on the Platform. Further, You agree that we have no control over the product provided to You by the sender and therefore, we shall not incur any liability with respect to such product.

d. We shall use Your location-based information that is captured by us through a global positioning system when You are using Your mobile device to book the order on its App. Such location-based information shall be used by us only to facilitate and improve our Services being offered to You.

e. You hereby acknowledge that if You have any complaint with respect to our Services, You will first inform us in writing within 24 (twenty-four) hours of using such Services.

6. Service Fees and Payment Terms:

a. Our fees for the service are charged as per the delivery basis.

b. Before processing Your order, You will be able to see the details in the order summary page as billing details of your order. GST/Taxes will be charged additionally.

c. In Product delivery other than the delivery fees, there are other charges which and when applicable as per the scenario.

- Excess Baggage Fees-

• Baggage fees will not be applicable for parcels weighing up to 5 Kgs.

• Above 5Kgs weight a flat amount will be added to the total as a weight charges.

- Waiting Fees-

• Once the Delivery Partner arrives at any locations (Pickup or Drop) he is allowed to wait for a 20 Mins without any extra charges.

• Post 20mins of grace period Rs 50/- will be applicable for next every 30 Minutes.

- Cancellation Fees-

• There are no cancellation fees apply if the “Delivery Partner” has not been assigned to Your order. • A percentage of the order value will be charged as Cancellation fees OR Max Rs 100/- to Rs 200/- for the Advance or Same Day order Cancelled.

- Change of address-

• The Users shall notify Vpledge via email/call immediately of a change to its delivery address. The change of delivery address will be charged as per the new rate. - Delivery Fee can be different on Special Days.

d. You are allowed to pay via cash at any location or via an integrated payment platform (Online Payment). We do not accept cheque, voucher or any other form of payment

e. In case if You have any payment due or pending to be paid us, you will be required to clear the payment towards such fees before you book another order. The pending balance will be added to your current billing details.

f. We will be providing you the e-copy of your invoice in our Mobile Application, we do not issue any physical copies of the Invoices for rendering our services. If requested by You the Invoice can be sent to your registered email id.

7. User Eligibility:

a. Your age should be above eighteen (18) years and are capable of entering, performing, and adhering to these Terms. Our services are not available for the person below 18 Years of age. In case a User under the age of eighteen (18) years accesses the Platforms and/or uses our Services we assume such use is under parental/legal guardian’s guidance;

b. You will not use the Platforms in any manner that could destroy, damage, disable, overburden, or impair the Platforms, or adversely affect the reputation of Vpledge.

8. Restricted Product:

a. We do not deliver illegal, prohibited, or restricted products under applicable laws of India, including but not limited to the Restricted Products. Users shall ensure that the Sender does not, send any of such products through our services. The User further agrees and understands that any false or misleading statements in this relation may result in penalty action by us and under applicable law.

b. List of Restricted Products/Items:

- Goods of perishable nature, or such goods which require specific controlled-temperature;

- Alcohol or intoxicating substances of any type including chemical or herbal unless legalized by the state in which pick up and delivery takes place;

- Antiquities and art treasures in violation of applicable law;

- Any animal or bird species or any product containing a part of such animal or bird species including but not limited to furs, feathers, horns, skin, antlers;

- Endangered plant varieties;

- Gold and silver medals, other than items hallmarked as per standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards;

- Uniforms and badges of any defense personnel or police authorities;

- Hazardous chemicals including pesticides, oxidizing substances, organic peroxides, radioactive substance or any object containing any of these;

- Illegal drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances whether allopathic, ayurvedic or herbal;

- Adult goods, sexually suggestive material and pornographic material (including literature, imagery and other media);

- Currency (Indian or foreign), counterfeit or fake notes or coins;

- Gases of any type including inflammable, compressed, liquefied, dissolved under pressure or deeply refrigerated, or inflammable or combustible liquids or solids;

- Hazardous goods, weapons (including chemical weapons), and ammunition of any sort; or

- Items infringing or attempting to pass off any third parties’ intellectual property.