At Vpledge,

we pledge to be



A hyperlocal delivery service that operates in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. We provide our customers with a variety of services, ranging from the delivery of products to running errands for them. We are dedicated to providing an excellent service that caters to the needs of our customers.

Our Values


We’re passionate about simplifying your life.


We believe in "Unity in diversity"


Our quality service is unmatched


Personalized rates & customizable plans to match your needs

Our Services

Vpledge is a hyperlocal delivery service that provides intercity and intracity delivery services to both individuals and businesses.

For Individuals

On an average, a Mumbaikar spends around 11 days each year stuck in traffic. We understand how frustrating it can be to leave your workplace/home just to get a few things done. That’s why we have started an errand running services for you. If you need any products delivered, errands run or getting electronics repaired, we’ve got you covered. Till now we have helped customers get products delivered ranging from sample wool yarn to 200Kg products. So, next time you need a reliable friend to get your work done? #TohVpledgeKarna

For Businesses

Being a startup, we understand how important it is to deliver products on time and in perfect condition. As a result, our customer relationship management software allows you to schedule your deliveries in advance, so you can fulfill your customer's expectations. What are you waiting for? Sign up with Vpledge and let us handle the logistics!