Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

1. What is Vpledge?

Vpledge is an App based, hyperlocal, same day pickup, and delivery service at your doorstep. Our App allows you to send or receive any products safely anywhere in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. Just download our app and start using our services in one click.

2. In which cities are you operational?

We currently operate only in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. (Churchgate to Virar / CST to Badlapur/Titwala, CST to Panvel)

3. What is the delivery operational time? Till what time I can schedule the last pickup for same day delivery?

Our delivery service is available between 9 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week. You can place the last order till 7 PM to get it delivered the same day.

4. What is Vpledge Points? How can I redeem it for my orders?

Vpledge Points you get in every completed orders also when you refer the App to someone and the person download the app and use our service you get the points immediately. This points you can redeem in your next delivery.

5. How do book the service? Can I book the Service on the website?​

On the website, you can get the app link and other details for your reference. To book the service you need to download our App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you register with us you can start booking the service through our App.​

6. How can I book a Single / Return / Multiple orders?

For Single Order - You have to select 1st Location and 2nd Location only.​
For Return order - You have to select the checkbox “Return to 1st Location”.​
For Multiple order - Once you selected 1st Location and 2nd Location than you can click Add Location to add Multiple location.

7. What are the delivery options available?

The delivery option available at the time of booking are
Public (delivery using train/bus), ​
Biker (Delivery via bike), and ​
User Arranged Transport (Cab/Auto etc).

8. Do I need to Pay any extra charges for User Arranged Transport ?

Yes, for User Arranged Transport, the transportation (Cab/Auto) for our delivery partner need to arranged and Paid by you.

9. How & when will I receive the confirmation of my order booking?

You will receive an acknowledgment email as soon as you place an order. Once the order is assigned to our delivery partner you will get a notification on app and SMS.

10. In how much time a delivery partner will get assigned to my order?

Our platform tries to find the nearby available delivery partner within 15 Minutes after you placed the order. However, during peak time and high demand, it can take up to 3 Hours for Schedule order and 1-2 Hour for Same day orders.

11. Do you deliver fragile and large size items?

Yes, we do deliver all types of the product however for fragile/delicate items or large size items you need to book a private transport and the cost for the same has to be paid by you.

12. Do you offer service to businesses? How can I Register my business with Vpledge?

Yes, we provide services to Individual as well as Businesses, You can click here to Register as Business with us.

13. Are there any other charges, except the service fees?

Yes, few other charges are applicable under a few circumstances such as Excess baggage weight fee, Waiting Fee Etc. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more details.

14. What details should I write in the Add Note?

Here you can mention what exactly you want a delivery partner to do. E.g- If its cake delivery and it's fragile/delicate you can write “Handle with care”, If It’s a surprise you can write “Do not disclose the sender name”, OR “deliver before 4 pm / Urgent delivery, etc.

15. Can I change the address for delivery after it's been picked up?

As per the standard terms you do not change the delivery address once the product is picked up however in case if you want to change the drop location you need to contact our support team immediately and there will be additional charges applicable for change of address.

16. How do I cancel my order? And what are the cancellation charges?

You can cancel the order directly from the App subject to our cancellation policy available in our Cancellation and Refund.

17. How do I make the Payment?

You can make the payment online while placing an order, we support all major online payment option OR you can pay via cash to our delivery partner at the time of Pickup or the drop location.

18. How can I track my delivery partner and know the status of my order?

The order details have live tracking and constant updates available in the app.

19. How can I contact the delivery partner?

You can contact the delivery partner anytime through the in-app “call delivery partner” option. We suggest the user contact the delivery partner only if necessary.

20. What if No Delivery partner available for my order?

We always try to make sure delivery partner get assigned for every order however in such scenario where we don’t find a delivery partner to complete your order in a specific time than the Order will get cancelled and you will be notified for the same & if paid online the money will get refunded in your account.

21. Are the Charges including GST?

Yes our charges shown in the Total are including GST

22. Will I get an Invoice for my order(s)?

Yes, you will get an invoice on your Email address that you have provided at the time of registration.

23. What if my parcel is damaged or lost? Will I get a refund for the same?

We pledge to take the utmost care of your product and we have a verified delivery partner to handle your product. Please check our Cancellation and Refund Policy for more details.

24. Is your service safe for delivering my products?

Customer, as well as Product safety, is our topmost priority. Our delivery partners are online verified and strict instructions given to them to handle the product carefully.

25. The Delivery Partner could not deliver the package at said time.

If such an incident happens please contact us, our team will check and find out the reason for such delays also if you have a delivery for a specific time we suggest you mention the same in Add Note. So our operation team will make sure it will get delivered at that specific time.

27. What is your Customer Support timing?​

Our customer support is available from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. However, in case of an emergency, you can drop us an email and someone from the team will reply or contact you immediately.​

28. The Delivery Partner misbehaved with me?

We always strive to provide our customer with good experience, we don’t allow our delivery partner to misbehave with our customer, in case of such incident happens with you, Kindly contact and report us immediately. We assure you that we will take strict action against the delivery partner and terminate him on the spot if he found guilty.

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